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Conversion focused copywriting and web design with a dash of WordPress maintenance & Elementor training on the side.

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Hi, my name is
Gav Stevens.

  • Professional SEO & CRO specialist
  • Integritist, logician & a good listener
  • Hater of dishonesty + any other dick-headery 
  • Father to 2 gorgeous human beings
  • Husband to another
  • Unashamed pizza addict

Hi, my name is
Gav Stevens.

Latest Project

Latest Project

Conversion optimized redesign & rewrite for a HR consultancy.

“The website Gav crafted embodies us wonderfully and is the perfect representation of our business online – superb job.”   – Nick Thorpe, Horde Consultancy

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An ineffective web page is an
opportunity missed.


Reduces Credibility

Your professionalism comes into question unnecessarily


Misses Sales

Prospects are less likely to take positive action


Diminishes Value

It degrades the perception of how good you are


Limits Trust

Visitors don’t understand exactly what’s on offer


Blurs Branding

Your promise to people is not as clear as it could be


Gifts Advantage

People that leave might end up going to a competitor

Nasty, yawn-inducing web page anyone?

SaaS Startup - full conversion optimized redesign & rewrite
Marketing Agency >>> Brand new website with conversion copy
Professional Services >>> Add custom blog w/ easy-post templates

Addicted, but in a good way.

It turns out I’m obsessed with two things in life. The first is pizza and the second is doing things properly. What’s the point of a website if it doesn’t maximise your chances of success?

Bad pizza and ineffective web pages really get to me. Why? Because they’re not that hard to get right – some knowledge, a few techniques and a little creativity can go a very long way to success and happiness.

So, if you want to get the most from your website you know where I am.

It was a real joy to discover Gavin on Upwork. He has exceeded my expectations of the brief, bringing a thinking mind to our project as well as just getting stuff done - which is just what I needed.

- Leighanne Maxwell, Eleven Gain

New Zealand

Gav did a great job completing every milestone by fixing up our website and making it stand out. He is very knowledgeable and a true professional. I highly recommend him.

- Lucas Deisadze, RumIsles