We Don’t Just Talk The Talk – Webbit Was Built This Way

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On their own, passion and enthusiasm are not enough to grow sales, make money and break free.

Truly successful people all have one thing in common – they’ve unlocked their potential. This is about aligning what you do for a living with who you are as a person.

Get it right and ‘work’ becomes purpose where everything you do makes sense and builds towards a brighter future. Not only that but it also unearths one of the hidden gems in life… contentment.

The good news is anyone with an internet connection and the right attitude can grow a business using the web. We should know – this is how our company was built.

The ‘how’ is only half the battle

Since 2017, Webbit has been helping people find the right path online. Not baseless direction that conveniently suits our goals or blinding the layman with science. Genuine progress that sticks by asking the right questions, stimulating learning, and enabling sustainable success.

Nowadays, it’s possible to learn everything you need online – there’s an ‘epic’ blog post for just about anything. We’d know, we’ve written loads of them. The how-to of growing a business, learning new skills or embarking on a side hustle is all well and good but it’ll lose steam without the why.

Webbit isn’t just the engine behind sustained success; it’s also the map room.” – Bubul

Webbit founder, Gav Stevens, stumbled on his why after spending over a decade in the wrong career. He always knew something had to change but couldn’t get out for not knowing what he wanted to do.

Only when his curiosity for web development led him to a free subscription with Codecademy did change come about. A personality test and numerous online courses later saw him discover WordPress and, in turn, learn modern-day web design.

Webbit started as a simple freelancing gig for Gav. The past 5 years of continued online learning and pathfinding has seen it evolve into a highly profitable company. Of course, it’s taken grit determination and countless long days. 

But, here’s the thing: despite the huge amount of work involved, it hasn’t been a grind. 


Because there’s meaning and enjoyment in what we do.


Because the ‘work’ is aligned with who we are as people which unlocks our talents and unleashes our potential. The by-product?

Sustainable success that takes a life of its own.

Forget answers, first find the right questions

How did Gav know back in 2017 that he’d finally found the right path? Like, motivated to work 80-hours-a -week-for-as-long-as-it-takes, right path?

Well, it started with him taking a personality test (a.k.a. Myers Briggs test) that led to lots of reflection and a growing self-awareness. In other words, Gav started to make much more sense to himself – i.e. he’s a logician, a problem solver, a lifelong learner, and a creative. After that, natural curiosity and passion took over and the rest is history.

Webbit doesn’t just bring you brilliant content on how to be successful, digital or otherwise. We make you think about the whys and wherefores too: by working out the right questions, we help you avoid the wrong answers.

Your free pathfinding hub

Want to know what we find really exciting? 


Webbit started with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. In other words, you’re already on your way there; now it’s about finding the best way to wherever there is.

The web is the richest source of content and opportunity on the planet. It’s compelling, and totally liberating. But, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. 

Using the web to unlock potential follows a handful of paths, which are:

  • Start and grow your own business
  • Become a freelancer
  • Make money on the side
  • Change job or career
  • Learn new skills (for one of the above)

Want the journey to be as enjoyable and successful as possible? Then, you’re in the right place. Webbit provides next-level resources on digital pathfinding to grow sales and sustain success. 

Using the web to grow means growing the web

Content fuels the web and the riches that flow from it. 

It’s not technology, payment gateways or search engines like Google. It’s not people neither. The days of buying things in person are slowly but surely diminishing.

Sure, devices and software enable greater access to content which is, of course, created by people. But, ultimately it’s content that connects it all together in a meaningful way.

It’s content that:

  • Engages people;
  • Tailors experiences;
  • Leads to sales and growth.

Being successful totally relies upon attracting and building an audience of potential customers. Put another way – using the web to grow sales means learning how to create effective content. 

This is called content marketing, nowadays, and is the backbone of modern-day success stories including ours (how did you find us again?).

Shall we?

There’s a shed load of content here on Webbit that’s begging for plenty of good coffee and binge reading. We’d love it if you read every last word and, honestly, doing so wouldn’t be a bad thing.

But, let us get you off on the right foot with the critically important articles first. These are the ones everyone should read no matter what they’re trying to achieve – you’ll see why:

And, when you’re done there’s much more where that came from. Browse away or hop on the newsletter for handpicked, relevant content straight to your inbox.

Whatever you do, make yourself at home – we’re glad you’re here.

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