Best Freelance Jobs Sites for Successful Remote Working in 2021

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Here are the best freelance job sites to find well-paid remote work.

I created it because finding a consistent source of good quality work, either full time or otherwise, is the biggest challenge for freelancers. This is especially important for beginners and why my recommendations are all mainstream platforms with modern user experiences.

So, if you want to:

  • Learn what the best freelance job site is for you
  • Read introductory reviews on each consideration
  • And, make progress in your search for work today

Then, you’ll love the information in this post.

Better still, it starts with my top two recommendations, Flexjobs and Fiverr, then continues with the other options for more specific users.

Let’s take a look.

Best Freelance Job Sites

  1. Flexjobs
  2. Fiverr
  3. Upwork
  4. Freelancer
  5. Working Not Working
  6. Guru
  7. Problogger

Disclosure: This site is a free resource that is supported entirely by its visitors. If you purchase a product or service here a referral fee may be received. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps create lots more useful content. Thank you.


1. FlexJobs

Best overall value and quality

As their homepage rightly claims, Flexjobs is the overall best site to find high quality freelance job opportunities for three key reasons:

  • Quality assurance – genuine commitment to proper job screening
  • Scale – currently over 20,000 well paid opportunities on offer
  • Value – their annual plan works out at about one Starbucks per month.

Investing heavily into the vetting process provides easy and safe access to genuine remote job opportunities without ads and scams. The result is a solid and reliable source of high quality freelance jobs.

This focus on quality makes Flexjobs perfect for building a full time freelance career or part time side gig to make money in your spare time.


  • 1 week membership – $6.95
  • 1 month – save 47% – $14.95
  • 3 month – save 65% – $29.95
  • 12 month – save 87% – $49.95

Better still, members get exclusive discounts on essential tools like QuickBooks (accounting software) and laptops.

2. Fiverr

Best for beginners and side hustles

Fiverr is one of the most well known freelance job boards because its possible to sell your services for as little as $5. As a result, it single-handedly opened up the ‘side hustle’ marketplace to a much wider audience all over the world.

Now, it is a thriving platform of opportunity (or ‘gigs’) that enables anyone with an internet connection to sell their skills.

  • Busy – low prices means it’s overflowing with customers
  • No barrier to entry – anyone can set up a ‘gig’ and sell services
  • Valuable – no better place to start building your portfolio.

Fiverr covers pretty much every sector there is including: coaching, counselling, business consulting, lifestyle, law, projects, management, programming, creatives, websites, IT, professional services (HR, bookkeeping for e.g.), writing, digital marketing and graphic design to name a few.


  • 20% commission on every sale

Getting set up takes no time at all because the user experience is clean, simple and easy to understand. Once you have your ‘gigs’ in place, you can start accepting freelance jobs.

3. Upwork

Most selective freelance job marketplace

Upwork was established in the same year as Freelancer and is another huge marketplace for paying freelance jobs. It’s not as big but still boasts millions of clients all over the world.

  • Selective nature ensures very high quality freelance jobs
  • Open to anyone willing to apply
  • Broad range of geographies and sectors

What sets it apart though, is the quality of the freelance jobs you’ll find. Projects on here tend to be of the highest quality and for this reason the platform has a strong reputation.

Therein lies the slight challenge. Unlike Flexjobs and Fiverr for example, you have to be formerly approved to use the platform. If there is excessive supply of your skillset or something else doesn’t marry up how they’d like, you might be rejected.

Users work through the platform to communicate with clients, send invoices, track billable hours, and get paid. Whilst, there is no up-front costs Upwork takes a percentage of your client billings.


  • 20% for the first $500 billed
  • 10% for lifetime billings between $500.01 and $10,000
  • 5% for lifetime billings that exceed $10,000

Note – fees reduce for recurring work with the same client as explained, here.

4. Freelancer

Largest number of opportunities and geographies

Freelancer has been around for well over a decade and it shows because they connect people to freelancer jobs in 247 countries worldwide.

Their platform is slick, well made and open to everyone with no upfront costs to create an account. What’s more, it allows you to communicate with clients, track hours, send invoices, and receive payments.

  • Largest freelance job marketplace in the world
  • Open to anyone with an internet connection
  • Wide-reaching opportunities all over the world

Once you signed up, it’s possible to search for both local and remote jobs in a near limitless number of sectors such as professional services, design, digital, IT, sales, software, finance, consulting, coaching, writing, programming, tech, and (genuinely) many more.


  • Intro – $0.99 per month – 15 bids
  • Basic – $2.95 per month – 50 bids
  • Plus – $5.95 per month – 100 bids
  • Professional $19.95 – 300 bids
  • Premier $50 – 700 bids

* All plans come with many more features which are listed in full, here.

5. Working Not Working

Best for creative freelance jobs

Working Not Working focuses entirely on the creative sector and always has done. For this reason, it’s one of the best job boards for designers to find freelance work with over 100,000 other creatives from across the globe.

  • High quality listings including some brand names
  • Totally free for freelancers
  • Platform utilises effective recruitment-style profiling

Applying for jobs requires a detailed profile to be completed that includes your work history, experience and portfolio. It’s standard stuff on a well-made platform with a decent user experience.

In addition to actively seeking out the best freelance jobs for your skills, companies can approach you directly. The dynamic is similar to LinkedIn and works really well.


  • Free – there are no charges as a freelancer on their platform

6. Guru

Best for professional services freelance jobs

For over 20 years, Guru has focused on specific sectors: business, finance, legal, architecture, marketing, engineering design and IT.

  • High quality, specialist freelance jobs
  • Great for very experienced freelancers
  • Innovative collaboration & communication features

Unsurprisingly, client satisfaction at Guru sits at 99% which is credit to their quality assurance and continued dedication to specific industries.

Applying for a job utilises a ‘bid’ function and, if successful, the platform enables communication with the client. Most importantly, it underpins the draftng of contracts, sending invoices and getting paid.

Guru charges a percentage on paid work and offers paid plans with various features. These include increased search rank, more bids on jobs, and enhanced client communication.


  • Basic – Free – 10 bids
  • Basic+ – $11.95 per month – 50 bids
  • Professional – $21.95 per month – 50 bids (with annual bid rollover)

* Business & executive plans available, plus full feature lists here.

7. ProBlogger

Best for Blog Writing Jobs

Problogger is not a freelance job site per se with much of the site being dedicated to helping bloggers with tips and advice. However, the jobs section is a fantastic place to get blog writing work if that is what you’re after.

  • Rich source of well paid blog writing jobs
  • Great for those starting out
  • Open to anyone with an internet connection

The best bit is that being a ‘candidate’ on ProBlogger costs nothing. You can apply, accept and carry out paying work no fees whatsoever.

Setting up a profile properly involves the usual account creation as well as uploading lots of information about your experience and other credentials.

For anyone wanting to get into or develop their freelancing writing for the web and blogs, this is the best starting point. There is plenty of work available, which pays well and allows you to deepen your portfolio accordingly.

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