Hate Your Job or Bored Of Work? Break Free Using The Web

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I didn’t wake up one morning and think I hate my job. It was a gradual thing that took hold over many years.

There are countless reasons why people find themselves in the wrong job obviously but the reality is the same for everyone. Work-life balance becomes a work-life prison which can seem inescapable.

The good news is, it’s not.

Breaking free starts with nothing more than what you’re using to read this post.

Like a hamster on a wheel

Before doing anything it’s important to reflect and clarify what’s actually going on.

Loosely speaking it went something like this for me.

On Sunday afternoon a growing anxiety arose about work the next morning. After not sleeping well, I trudged in feeling tired and filled with dread for what lay ahead. I’d be in ‘survival mode’ all day with the sole aim of getting through it so I could go home.

The next few days would pass painfully slow with the odd bout of paranoia that my boss knew about my complete disinterest in work.

A glimmer of positivity appeared on Thursdays because the weekend was one day away. By home time on Friday, I’d feel human again. I might even smile and mean it.

The next forty-eight hours saw me cram in as much downtime (i.e. escapism) as humanly possible. Then, as Sunday afternoon progressed it would start again.

Sound familiar?

The work-life prison

Most jobs involve doing things we don’t like sometimes. Of course, they do, that’s life. But, that’s not what this is about.

I came to hate my job because that’s all it provided. It had no other meaning, or purpose, or fulfillment. It was a means to an end to pay bills and that was it.

Being bored for a prolonged period of time makes life empty and pointless. It’s no surprise then that being forced to be bored for five days a week makes for a hateful job.

But, that’s not all – it can get worse.

If boredom is left unchecked for too long it turns toxic because it reduces a person’s self-worth. Eventually, it reduced mine to almost nothing. I had no respect for the job, or myself for doing it.

After a while, I became imprisoned by anxiety not to mention fleeting paranoia. I just couldn’t see a way out. At its worst, anxiety leaves no capacity for anything else. It’s consuming both physically and mentally meaning the only option is to ‘survive’.

You’re unhappy but can’t think clearly enough to work out how to fix it.

So, it goes on.

Breaking the deadlock

Whilst it appears the job itself is the main problem, it’s actually the having to do it that you hate. Feeling trapped means there’s no capacity for reflection, reason, and change.

Breaking free from it starts with getting some headspace back. This isn’t about having more time to think – it’s thinking about the right things more of the time.

The truth is, the job fails you because it’s not fulfilling enough. It’s that simple.

Ok, but what should you do next?

The best and easiest way to start answering this is to take a free Myers Briggs personality test with Truity.

Long story short, the test allows you to find your true strengths by indicating your personality type out of sixteen variations. Based on years of scientific research, it provides meaningful generalizations about your behavioral tendencies.

My report made me stop and sit down, literally. Amongst many other things, it categorically said my personality type would “seldom, if ever, work in sales or HR“. I’d just spent the last decade working in recruitment consultancy!

The test won’t give you specific answers and shouldn’t be interpreted word for word. But, it will lay out valuable insights on what people with the same personality type as you tend to excel at. It’ll also instill some self-awareness and confidence, two vital ingredients for success.

By shifting your perspective and understanding why you hate your job so much the feeling of being imprisoned is removed.

Once this happens, work and life become interesting again because of the possibilities that lay ahead.

Let us help you find a better path

The way to truly break free lies in more closely aligning work to who you really are. Simply put, it’s about unlocking your potential.

I would know… this is how Webbit came to be.

At first, it was a side hustle before evolving into my freelancing gig and nowadays it’s a thriving business.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do next – start freelancing, grow a business or just make extra money on the side – you need to use the web effectively. Webbit provides next-level resources on digital pathfinding to unlock potential and sustain success.

Unsure where to start? I’d read this, and hop on the newsletter. Either way, come in and make yourself at home – I’m, glad you’re here.

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