Do a Google search on creating your own website and you’ll find countless dos and don’ts on the topic. Amongst particularly unhelpful tips for beginners like ‘design with visual hierarchy in mind’, you’ll find sound advice explaining how every website must be easy to navigate and have obvious calls to action.

You’ll also learn about WordPress and how decent looking websites can be created with virtually no software development knowledge whatsoever. Most of the major template builders (GoDaddy for example) use WordPress because it’s the easiest to pick up.

So, creating your own website is easy right?

Anyone who’s attempted this will know just how easy it really is.  Trying to blend layout, navigation, content and calls to action, not to mention colours and fonts is tricky to say the least.

Then there is the dreaded text! Web copy, or ‘death by a thousand vowels’ as one customer of ours once called it, is hard to start writing and even harder to finish. Platting fog is less frustrating.

So, to help all those of you who have gone it alone I’ve decided to write a series of bite size articles on do-it-yourself websites. The articles will be short and sweet and are aimed at business websites where typically the main purpose is to provide professional validation and credibility to help convert sales.

The first part – “DIY Websites – Planning, Part 1” – will be released in late April… If you’d like to stay tuned please connect and subscribe by clicking here!

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