5 Best Website Maintenance Services To Support Your Growth

Not got time to read everything in full? No worries… the best website maintenance services for most people are WP Buffs and FixRunner.

Looking after a WordPress website properly requires regular maintenance activities. If you don’t, there’s a high chance your site will be compromised with serious issues like a malware infection.

To perform at its best your website needs consistent maintenance – think daily and weekly, not monthly or yearly. For most busy business owners and freelancers, there are far more interesting and important things they want to be doing.

That’s why this post exists – it reviews and ranks the best and most comprehensive website maintenance services available.

So, if you want to:

  • Learn about the best website maintenance services;
  • Understand their differences and suitability;
  • Read in-depth reviews of each one;

Then, you’ll love the super-detailed information in this post.


The Most Comprehensive Website Maintenance Services

  1. WP Buffs – Overall best website maintenance service
  2. FixRunner – Most affordable website maintenance service
  3. Template Monster – Best support for larger businesses & online stores
  4. WP AOS – Best website maintenance for smaller businesses
  5. GoWP – Best for white labelling & agencies

WP Buffs – The #1 Choice.

Overall Best Website Maintenance Service & Support Available

These guys are one of the most well-known website maintenance providers out there. They’ve been around for years and take what they do very seriously, evidenced by a 4.7 average on Trustpilot.

What’s more, they have the pedigree and expertise to handle any website maintenance services you require. Their operation is highly scalable meaning they can handle businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As you’d expect, they have a range of flexible maintenance packages as well as white label options for agencies.

Short answer? They’re the best in the business.

For the long answer, keep reading…

Key Features

Plugin, theme & core file updates

All packages include WordPress core, theme and plugin updates every week. This is super important if your WordPress website is to stay secure and perform properly.

Unlimited website edits

From the ‘Protect’ plan upwards WP Buffs will carry out unlimited content edits on your website.

Enhanced security

Several in-house optimizations are carried out plus use of the iThemes Security Pro plugin for comprehensive protection and total peace of mind,

From the ‘Perform’ plan (and upwards) you get complete malware removal if your site becomes infected.

24/7 Emergency and Monitoring Support

Constantly available support team that monitors your WordPress website. These guys make sure it remains online whilst keeping you informed of any issues they’re dealing with.

Regular backups

Upto 4 x backups per day depending on the plan you pick. The average customer probably needs their entry level plan which includes 1 x daily backup.

Speed optimization

If you want your site to load in under 2 seconds and maintain that level of performance consistently, this is for you. Note – only available on the ‘Perform’ plan upwards.

For business-critical websites like software platforms and eCommerce websites.

Mobile & Browser Optimization

This ensures web pages look good on any screen size from large monitors to small mobile phones. Available from the ‘Perform’ plan and totally essential in this day and age.

WP Buffs Maintenance Packages

There’s a range of plans to choose from that cater for all sizes and types of business including freelancers and software-as-a-service companies:

Maintain – $79 per month

Includes: weekly updates to all software, around-the-clock emergency support, uptime monitoring, Google analytics, and one daily cloud backup.

Protect – $159 per month

Includes all features in ‘Maintain’ plus: around-the-clock website edits, security optimization, iThemes Security Pro plugin, and two daily cloud backups.

Perform- $219 per month

Includes all features of ‘Protect’ plus: speed optimizations including mobile & tablet, image & media optimizations, complete malware removal, and four daily cloud backups.

Custom – $347 per month

Includes all features in ‘Perform’ plus: safe updates to custom sites, custom functionality testing, around-the-clock custom code monitoring, & pantheon-hosted site support.

Custom Pro – $447 per month

Includes all ‘Custom’ features plus: WordPress multisite, advanced custom support, AWS-hosted site support, & Git management.

White Label WordPress Maintenance

Full white-label with 20% price discount

Offer maintenance packages to your customers under your brand but delivered by WP Buffs. You pay 20% less on all normal prices and can sell the services at whatever price you choose.

White-label dashboard

You get total visibility of how your clients are being handled by WP Buffs via dashboard and full ticketing system.

White-label reporting

Weekly reports with updates on every change and/ or issue resolution on the websites being maintained.

24/7 white-label email support

WP Buffs will use your business email and can have your signature and logo at the bottom of every communication with clients.

Safe to say, your clients never need to know WP Buffs are behind the WP maintenance service you provide.

Check out WP Buffs maintenance services

2. FixRunner 

Best budget conscious website maintenance service

Like WP Buffs, Fixrunner provides website maintenance and support packages to anyone who wants their website to remain secure and perform as it should.

They’re pricing is lower though and typically attracts smaller businesses (i.e. self employed individuals) who are more cost conscious.

The good news is that more affordability doesn’t mean lesser service and features. This is evidenced by their Trustpilot rating which is 4.9 out of 5 over 187 reviews.

Key Features

Personal WordPress support

Around-the-clock technical help by a genuine and authentic WordPress support team who take customer service seriously. You’ll also benefit from their highly effective ticketing system which is easy to use and reliable.

Secure updates

The WordPress core and all plugins and themes will be updated securely and thoroughly on a regular basis. Fixrunner also test the front-end to make sure the user experience is as expected for your website visitors.

Speed optimization

They’ll make sure your website loads as fast as possible both for users and Google core web vitals which is good for conversion optimization and rankings.

Cloud backups

Daily cloud backups for restoring a broken or crashed website as efficiently as possible.

Uptime monitoring

Fixrunner keep an constant eye on your website so they can act as quickly as possible should it go down with a problem.

Solid security

Regular file scanning keeps track of malicious code in your website files. This increases your armour against the the latest hacking and malware attacks.

Fixrunner Pricing

There are 3 maintenance plans available, as follows:

Premium – $69 per month

Includes: email/ chat support, cloud backups, speed optimization, all software updates, uptime monitoring and security scanning.

Rocket – $99 per month

Includes everything on ‘Premium’ plus: online store support, on-page SEO and faster ticket/ resolution response times.

Advance – $179 per month

Includes everything on ‘Rocket’ plus: a dedicated account manager and phone support if and when necessary.

Check out Fixrunner maintenance and support services

3. TemplateMonster

Best for larger businesses and online stores

TemplateMonster do things slightly differently. They keep things as simply as possible – one plan is available and it includes everything you’ll ever need to maintain your WordPress website properly.

This implies their focused on larger organisations and biger online stores because the cost of their services will be too rich for many businesses. Having said that, there is nothing to stop a freelancer or very small business using their service obviously.

With an average Trustpilot rating of 4.8 on 5,000+ reviews, they’re clearly very well thought of and are worth the money obviously.

Key Features

24/7/365 Website monitoring

Their maintenance & monitoring system never sleeps and instantly raises an alarm if your website has an issue and goes offline. What follows is what you’d expect – a highly proactive and dedicated resolution process to get everything back how it should be.

Website health check

TemplateMonster ensure your site performance is both intact and acceptable by doing regular page audits for various types of errors and warnings and rendering.

This is about your website funcitons and looks, not its page load speed or related performance.

Keeping your website up-to-date

They’ll make sure you’re running the latest versions of the WordPress core, plugins and your theme.

Ensuring browser compatibility

They’ll also make sure that your web pages look right on all web browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox etc) which doesn’t always happen naturally.

Getting rid of 404’s

A 404 error is when the page a visitor wants to go to is no longer available. This happens because the URL of the target page has either changed, or the page has been removed. By monitoring both internal and external links closely, they significantly reduce this from happening.

Weekly website backups

Regular backups of all your web files means they can have your site back up and running very quickly should it be compromised more seriously.

Dev team assistance (5 hours/mo)

A unique feature at this price point (see below). A TemplateMonster project manager and designer will help you improve and/ or fix your website functionality.

Recommendations and improvements

Detailed reporting suggests how your website could be changed or improved both from a user experience and performance perspective.

TemplateMonster Pricing

There is only plan available with these guys, priced as follows:

  1. Monthly website maintenance for $199
  2. Yearly website maintenance for $899

Check out TemplateMonster website maintenance


Best European website maintenance service

These guys are well worth considering if you’d prefer a website maintenance provider who is headquartered in Europe (specifically Riga, Latvia).

That said, they’re massive website management enthusiasts. Their service was launched in 2017 by a group of highly capable WordPress developers – their mission to protect, maintain and optimize anything WordPress related.

It has to be said that they’re WordPress support services are deep and broad ranging from: basic WP sites, Woocommerce online stores, page speed optimization, malware removal, custom development and an emergency service for urgent problems.

And, it seems they’re pretty good at it with a Trustpilot score of 4.3 out of 5. Note, there’s a lot less reviews than the other providers in this post because WP AOS hasn’t been around as long.


WP AOS offers the following prices for it’s range of plans:

WordPress Maintenance services:

  • Maintain at £79/month
  • Perform at £149/month
  • Scale at £299/month

WooCommerce Maintenance Service:

  • Maintain at £99/month
  • Perform at £199/month
  • Scale at £399/month

WordPress Page Speed Optimization Service:

  • One-off price at £149

WordPress Malware Removal Service:

  • One day fix at £148
  • ASAP fix at £249
  • Fix & protect at £299

Check out WP AOS

5. GoWP

Best website maintenance provider for white labelling

If you’re wanting to scale your business by outsourcing some of the work you carry out for clients, GoWP are definitely worth considering.

They do more than just website maintenance too, and can help out with landing page building and content editing for your clients. They even offer copywriting services like blogging and case studies if content marketing is your thing.

This means you can expand the range of services you offer your clients but without the operational & delivery headaches that go with it. Unsurprisingly, GoWP is aimed at agencies and freelance web designers.

As far as the website maintenance and support services go (no pun intended ;-), the usual features are available:

  • Software updates – WordPress core, plugins and themes
  • Reliable backups (daily)
  • Indepth security monitoring
  • Malware removal
  • 24/7 support

On their top end premium plan, GoWP includes unlimited page builds plus two hours of daily dev time. If you’re time poor or don’t have the design skills to create effective landing pages this could be very valuable and worth the extra monthly charge.

GoWP Pricing

GoWP offers four white labelled website maintenance packages:

  • Maintenance — $29 monthly per site
  • Content Edits — $79 monthly per site
  • Landing Page Builds — $1,299 monthly
  • Dedicated Designer — $1,299 monthly

Check out GoWP here.


So, there you have it – the best website maintenance services available right now.

If you’re uncertain what you need, or why, you can always drop me a line – happy to offer some free advice.

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